Alright let the fun begin!!! So today I am getting you out for a run, but it's not just a jog around the block, I want you to follow a specifically designed plan so that I can intensify it as we progress along over the coming days and weeks.

Okay so here you go, this is how I want you to attack today's run:

1. Start with a stretch at home before you head out for your run. You can pick out a few stretches from out previous stretch session.

2. After stretching you are going to start the session with a 15 minute walk. This 15 minute walk could get you to the park where you will do your running, or if you are already at the park then you can simply walk around the oval for the 15 minutes.

3. Now that your 15 minutes of walking is complete, I want you to do 15minutes of jogging at an easy speed, a speed you can jog for 15 minutes without having to stop at all.

4. Now we are into the fun part. Now you should feel nicely prepared to crush the next 15 minutes of harder work. So we are going to operate at 3 speeds, your sprint speed, jogging speed and walking speed. Operating at these 3 speeds this is how you are going to execute the next 15 minutes of work:

Jog 30sec, sprint 1min, walk 30sec (2min total)

Jog 50sec, sprint 40sec, walk 30sec (2min total)

Jog 1min, sprint 30sec, walk 30sec (2min total)

Jog 1min, sprint 20sec, walk 40sec (2min total)

Jog 1min, sprint 10sec, walk 50sec (2min total)

Jog 50sec, sprint 40sec, walk 30sec (2min total)

Jog 1min, sprint 1min, walk 1min (3min total)

5. Now that was fun wasn't it!!! Finish the session of running with a further 15 minute walk; either walking back home or around the park before you drive back home.

6.The work is now complete, just be sure to stretch again tonight or tomorrow morning!

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