Open Run


Perth's number one open run with Coach Glossop!

Cost: $10 (Contribution towards court hire, photography/videography and administration)

Day & Date: Sunday 7th June 2020
Time: 7:00am - 9:00am (2 hours)

Venue: Wally Hagan Stadium, Hamilton Hill (Perth, WA)

*Please note: Fee is non-refundable as spaces are limited.

How does the run work?

Coach Glossop gets those in attendance in teams of 5 and then it's king of the court. If your team wins you stay on the kings court, if you lose you go back to court one and work your way back up to the kings court. Teams are organised upon arrival and switched up throughout the run to create a variety of challenges for everyone involved. Field goals are counted as 1 point and three point goals are counted as 2 points. Every game is first to 7, cut throat. Meaning you don't have to win by 2 if you are a draw on 6. First team to score 7 wins! Defence call the fouls, meaning you call your own fouls, we don't use refs; don't be soft with calls but at the same time make sure you do call your foul when you foul! That's it, the rest is about having fun with mates, getting buckets, getting better and listening to some tunes!

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