20 Tips to help you use the Instagram platform more professionally

Looking to increase the professionalism on your Instagram account? Not sure how or where to start? Here are 20 simple yet effective tips to get you going!

1. Get professional support

Like anything if you want to do something better, get other professionals inside your support group. I have only used 2 logos in 6 years. My first logo lasted for 5 years before I recently updated it to simply add a modern touch, whilst still keeping the concept for the logo. That is because I got a pro to make it for me! If I had made it myself at home, which I could have, I know I would have altered it a hundred times by now and probably wouldn't have a copy of it in the right formats/sizes. If someone can do something far better than me I am going to seek their professional services, simple. Another example; I have always worked closely with a number of professional photographers and videographers in the past 6 years. This allows me to concentrate on doing what I am being hired to do, which is coaching, not taking content myself. Again if someone can also make better media content than me I am going to utilise their services rather than try to do everything myself! My main graphic designer is Jessica from Pink Tank Creative and my main photographer/videographer is Ian Yong.

2. Get a brand design in place

So many people are trying to build their profile, their brand, their business and yet they have never taken the time to sit down and create a branding design. Have a professional logo made, choose 2-3 specific colours for marketing/branding your media work, choose a series of fonts to use across all your platforms, choose a theme for your content and posts. Once get these small details sorted and in place you will find it much easier and faster to produce work later down the track with the original foundation in place first. People will also begin to identify your work naturally through your branding.

3. Profile photo Make sure your profile photo is you, your logo or your brand. Sounds like a no brainer right, but you would be surprised how many people have an image of something or someone else, especially some of the athletes. Nothing more stupid than photos of other people or a blank tile. If I can’t see your face to match it with your profile user name I’m likely not going to follow your account. Your brand starts with what/how people see you and a profile picture can tell others more about you than words, and faster. Make sure your photo is a decent quality photo and is cropped appropriately so that is is visible within the platform. Try to get one that has been taken by a professional, being a profile picture it is worth investing into getting a professional one taken.