I am sure you are all now well aware of how hard bodyweight training can be and are enjoying the switch up. Now we have session two! Again, please make a special effort to perform perfect technique throughout the body weight session to get the most benefit from it. Enjoy and take a picture along the way, post it up on your social media and tag me in to see and share!


Reps: As long as possible

Sets: 8

Rest: 30 seconds in between sets

Note: Make sure you stop at 90 degrees and hold the squat position. Keep the correct upright posture for as long as possible.


Reps:​ 15-20

Sets: 6

Rest: 30 seconds between sets


Note: Make sure you get nice deep squats, keep your chest up, eyes up and your weight through your heels.


Repetitions:​ 8

Sets: 5

Rest: 30-60 seconds


Note: Be sure to take off from two feet and land on two feet. Make full use of your arms by swinging them back and then right the way through, for every single rep.


Reps:​ As many rounds as possible

Sets: 5

Rest: 60 seconds between sets

Note: So, this is a sequence you have to do. You do one of each of the different kinds of pushups shown, and then you see how many rounds you can complete of this sequence until your chest and triceps give up. Then you need to repeat that for five sets!


Reps:​ As long as possible

Sets: 5

Rest: 30-60 seconds between sets

Note: This is a great exercise to do now that your shoulders are smashed from the pushup pattern. This also now brings in your core. Continue to do the shoulder taps for as long as you can until either your core or your shoulders give up. Keep a nice plank position throughout.


Reps:​ 90 seconds

Sets: 5

Rest: 60 seconds between sets

Note: If you don't have much space you can go in forward and in reverse continuously within your confined space. Tip, when one hand reaches forward the opposite foot moves with this hand at the same time. So opposite foot to hand. This is a great exercise, do it with the right controlled form.


Reps:​ 1 minute

Sets: 5

Rest: 30-60 seconds between sets


Note: Time to work through that core further. Make sure the legs move up and down with control, don't rush through the reps. Keep activation through your abdominals the entire time, don't let your trunk relax or you could find pressure on your lower back.


Reps:​ 30 seconds left side & 30 seconds right side

Sets: 5

Rest: No rest between sides & 30 seconds rest between sets

Note: This is a great combination of abs, back and shoulders. Keep your body parallel with the floor throughout the entire movement. Focus on locking in the long and extended final position in between each rep.


Reps:​ 40 seconds

Sets: 5

Rest: 30-60 seconds between sets

Note: This might look easy, but your lumbar spine and shoulders will be burning before you know it! Keep your neck straight and your chest lifted slightly off the floor.


Reps:​ 15 seconds

Sets: 10

Rest: 30 seconds between sets

Note: This can be a real heart starter and leg burner if you do it with the correct intensity. Keep that foot speed alive! Focus on giving each short 15 second bursts your absolute all.


Reps:​ 30 seconds

Sets: 5

Rest: 30-60 seconds between sets

Note: This is your finisher today, so don't leave any energy left in the tank. Go all out, keep the correct technique and posture, but give it everything! Have fun and good luck.

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