I know all of you are feeling a little bummed about not being able to come to the gym at the moment; and I am bummed I can't be with you in person on the daily as we usually do. However I definitely want to keep you all positive, happier, motivated, healthy and stay in the shape you've all worked so hard to get into.

So, I will be doing daily things with all of you right here via mobile phone. From remote training online where you can follow my programming right from your own home, with our without equipment you may or may not have at home. I custom design all of my clients training programs online and I have over 400 video demonstrations so you can easily learn during the entire process. The service also comes with nutritional advice and accountability to get you through and stay ready!

I will also be creating more and more content for all of you through a number of media platforms, and keep you also excited for the future, that is super important to me that each and everyone of my clients, friends and family continue to see light at the end of this tunnel. Lets get it!!!

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